Get Healthy: The Running Update

In the Story of Bessie, part of my new found motivation is going to be used to start running. Last week I started that journey! Exactly one week removed from the Emergency Room, still jacked on 40 mg of prednisone, I went for my first run while pushing the twins.

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The Story of Bessie. How she beat me up and changed me for the good.

For the majority of my adult life, I had been incredibly healthy. I rarely got the flu or even a cold, and I hadn’t gained a single pound since college. My asthma, which was a chronic issue when I was younger, had all but disappeared and I hadn’t needed to see or even had a primary care doctor since I was 18. Aren’t your 20’s and early 30’s awesome.

Whether it was some sort of signal from my body telling me not to be a SAHD or the fact that I’m getting older (36 in October…), the healthy streak came to an abrupt end. I’ve referred to my mystery illness a couple of times now, so I figured its time to jump into the details and share how it has affected my physical and more importantly, mental health.

Since “mystery illness” doesn’t really roll off the tongue, I think a proper name is in order. From here on out, I’ll call her Bessie.

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