Running Log

Part of my path to becoming healthy is starting to run.  I used to run, and I used to love it.  It’s time to pick it back up again.  With my three running goals planned out, its time to put some data behind it.  

My Running Goals

  1. Become a regular runner by the end of 2019 – Run 20+ miles for 4 consecutive weeks
  2. Run and finish in a half marathon in the spring of 2020
  3. Run and finish the 2020 Chicago Marathon in under 4 hours

Daily Running Log

Below you’ll find my daily running log and weekly plan through next October and the Chicago Marathon.  I hope to update with my results most days so stop back often and check up on my progress.

Training Plan for Regular Runner, Half and Full Marathon

Below is the baseline plan for my three goals.  I hope to be the regular runner before thanksgiving, slowly working my way up to 20 miles per week.  After that, I have two training programs built into the schedule.  The first is a 12-week program for a half marathon and a 20-week program for the full marathon.