Stay-at-home Dad Posts


Quarterly Dad Review: First Edition

I just past the three-month mark of being a stay-at-home dad. To commemorate this, I thought I would steal a page from my old world and write my version of…

Get Healthy: The Running Update

In the Story of Bessie, part of my new found motivation is going to be used to start running. Last week I started that journey! Exactly one week removed from…
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Stay-at-home Dad: A typical day

4 readers of the blog have asked what a typical day looks for me as a stay-at-home Dad. Since my reader base current stands at 13 subscribers, this is a…

I’m Back! SAHD Life Update

And we’re back folks. Sorry for the two-month delay. It’s been a crazy eight weeks, and blogging had to take a back seat. So what’s been going on?

Stay-at-home Dad Preparations

I just crossed the one month mark until full-time stay-at-home dad life begins.  Since officially making the decision to be a SAHD and giving notice to my job, I have approached…

This world isn’t designed for Stay at Home Dads

Mommy and me classes. Mom huddles at the playground after school. Mom Facebook groups. The world, and especially our little suburb, is designed for stay at home moms, not dads.…